«Life is a choice» people say. But sometimes, life imposes its choices as a dictator.
Who chooses to live in poverty and misery?
We don’t choose to live in the streets of Bamako, neither to live in the sixteenth district of Paris.
We don’t even choose to be born…

Life imposes its law. However, even though we can’t change these facts, we can influence our fate. We can choose our lives: We can be the change we want to see in the world. We can’t choose our families, nor choose our roots. But the most important thing is that we can choose the person we want to be and struggle steadily to improve ourselves.

If at the beginning of our lives some facts are out of control, for the rest, we are our own masters.

Another important thing we can choose is Happiness.

Human beings are always looking for this word, this feeling. But in fact, happiness is a choice. We choose to feel happiness as we choose to smile.
Finally, along the course of our lives, we’ll have to make decisions and choose the way we want to follow. Nevertheless, making a choice isn’t the hardest thing; the hardest is to adopt that choice.

«We are our choices» – Jean-Paul Sartre

By J-M!


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